Supreme Court Abortion Decision

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Supreme Court Abortion Decision

After much deliberation and discussion, the Supreme Court has returned a critical strike to the core of women's rights in the abortion arena. Courts in ruling 5-4 prohibit medical procedures known as partial birth abortion or Dilation and Extraction. The procedure for this abortion is done after 20 weeks of pregnancy. While the pro-rights crowd was naturally upset over the ban, they were horrified by the fact that there were no exceptions to the ban which would allow doctors to save a woman's life if it was medically necessary to carry out the procedure.

Doctors can face up to 2 years in prison if they are punished for carrying out a procedure, which will severely limit the number of doctors who perform procedures and the possibility of increasing the number of countries that place a ban on all abortion procedures as well. The decision came from a separate Supreme Court, with two judges chosen by Bush. This is a cause of great concern, suggesting that the Supreme Court has turned into a very conservative place, despite the lack of support for Bush and many of his ideas and practices at a broader level. The involvement of the Supreme Court in politics is usually noted, but given the severity of this decision, it is clear where certain alliances are located.

Does the Supreme Court really follow the wishes of the majority, do they really have the legal right to determine that medical decisions can or cannot be made? Anti-abortion camps in GOP like to follow decisions and are busy looking for more ways to reduce women's rights in terms of abortion. How will this decision be considered when the election comes, and the presidential election will arrive? What about the midterm elections the next time they are scheduled?

Many people wonder whether the Supreme Court's decision is truly a legal decision, or no more than a carefully selected group of ultra-conservative judges who follow Bush's wishes and desires regarding this case. The case sits before a panel of judges which seems to have developed from Bush's acceptance, and Bush was noted to have been driven by the verdict and declared it a victory for his government.

The court defended his decision by saying that it was nothing more than drawing a line between abortion and infanticide. There is a difference between killing a child, or a baby, and abortion. One of the most prominent differences is that a child or baby is not considered a baby until the first breath of air is brought to the lungs. Abortion does not allow the baby to take the first breath from the air, therefore eliminating the term baby from their existence.

Although it is noble that the Supreme Court seeks and seeks to protect all forms of life, they must also pay attention to themselves to the lives of mothers who contain babies, who should not be allowed to continue their sentences for medical reasons. There are many women who become pregnant every year who cannot physically bring children to birth, and have to abort children, or risk their own lives. What has the Supreme Court done to protect these mothers, or improve their quality of life?


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