Review of Affiliate Tracking Software: PartnersManager

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Review of Affiliate Tracking Software: PartnersManager

Online, you will find a large number of affiliate tracking software programs. If you are a business owner who wants to start your own affiliate program, you must familiarize yourself with all these programs. When looking for affiliate tracking software, you will be given so many choices that you may not know which type of software is best for your needs. The first step is to determine what you need and want to get out of the affiliate tracking software and then find a program that can give you that.

In your search, it is likely that you will find the PartnersManager Affiliate Software. Whether you are a large or small online business owner, you might find that this software program has what you need. However, it is not safe to think so. Instead, you will want to further examine the PartnersManager Affiliate Software. When doing so, you need to check the software requirements and the services and features included with this program.

PartnersManager Affiliate Software requires your system to have at least 4.1.0 PHP. You must also have MySQL, version 3.23 or higher, and a MySQL database. For web services, it is recommended that you have IIS or Apache. Because the computer specifications mentioned above are considered a requirement, you will need them to run the program. If your computer is not equipped to handle the PartnersManager Affiliate Software, but you want this affiliate tracking software program, you are advised to update your computer to meet their standards.

When checking affiliate tracking software, including the PartnersManager Affiliate Software, you are advised to check what program you are going to do. This often includes setting and installation. What's good about PartnersManager is that they provide you with user manuals and demos that can be downloaded before you even register for their program. This is important because not all software providers do this, even though they should. Maybe, user manuals and demos are the best way to determine whether the AffiliateManager Software is what you need or not.

With the PartnersManager Affiliate Software, you will not receive a detailed user guide. After you register for software services, you will find that many are included in the price of their purchase. For example, all customers will be able to receive three months of free customer support. These three months are enough time for you to get used to the software and learn to use it without help. Other common features, such as software enabled cookies and detailed income reports, are included with this affiliate tracking software.

Unlike other affiliate tracking software, PartnersManager also gives you the option to try out their services for free. This free trial is for a period of one month. After the trail period ends, you can determine whether you want to continue or not with a paid membership. This effective but easy-to-use software program is what many business owners want and need, so many continue with paid services. If you decide to do it too, you only need to pay a one-time license fee; there will be no monthly payments required. You will also receive free software updates whenever available.

PartnersManager has and is still used by many online business owners. Of course, that doesn't always mean that the program will be right for you; However, with a little research, you must easily be able to determine whether it is true.


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