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Racial Segregation in Politics

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Racial Segregation in Politics

A few years ago there was no assumption that black people could not think of handling political office. Not a few years ago, black people were still considered slaves. Groups such as the Ku Klux Klan or KKK are all very popular in the south, and the problem of segregation is widespread throughout the country.

While the north has always been more receptive, it has changed that the south, while rooted in the traditions of the past, began to notice that black people were truly real humans. They are capable of thinking, ideas, and ideals about how to improve the area in which they live, insofar as white people are also capable of these characteristics. People have shown a tendency to understand people's equality as humans, rather than being blinded by irrelevant skin tones.

While the community as a whole still has a lot of work to do in terms of racism and segregation in any form, there are big steps in the political arena, and this year even saw a black presidential candidate with a strong opportunity to succeed. Blacks are no longer considered property, they are no longer forced to walk behind white people in the neighborhood, they are no longer forced to ride behind the bus, or drink from separate fountains. Blacks are treated mostly the same as white people, in a country that is now becoming increasingly culturally diverse.

It should be noted that many black people are currently head of large companies; many blacks now get the same salary if they are not higher than their white counterparts, rising to the top of their game at the same fast rate. This is a big step in the right direction to reduce racism. Other important facts include the fact that now; there are black people in power offices throughout the country.

Black people began to take their place as politicians, with offices in the Senate, as well as Mayor offices throughout the country. This is a big step forward, and a sure sign that over time state racial differences can be overcome. While solutions to the racial problems of this nation will not be overcome overnight, they are solved.

Solutions come many times in the form of an open mind. There are still sects from groups such as the Ku Klux Klan that operate in far south countries like Georgia and Alabama, although they are significantly weaker than the cases 100, 50, or even 20 years ago. These groups and organizations helped stifle progress in these fields, but despite their efforts, black people made a name for themselves, and proved that they were able to do political work like everyone else in the country.

With the improvements that have occurred in recent years, maybe even in this generation we can even see black presidential candidates. While we have several candidates who try to run for office, no one has made it through the main election, and to the November election. In the future, there will be a presidential election where there are black people running on party tickets. Is that this year, will it be in the coming decade?

Only time will say, but we as a society are far more receptive than before, which can only be a good thing. We allow ourselves to be dictated by good reasons, rather than living with outdated ideas that color determines how effective our nation's leaders are. We still have a long way to go, but progress is evident from the Senators and other political figures who come from more diverse ethnic backgrounds and prove their abilities along with other ethnic groups.

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