President Hillary Clinton's campaign

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President Hillary Clinton's campaign

Who knows that the 2008 election will make Democrats swing two strong blows in a short period of time? When a woman prepares to run for a rising Democrat, Hillary has the opportunity to truly win. Is that a scary part, or the scary part that he is against the first black man who really has the chance to win? Clinton has reached a hot and heavy campaign trail in building her bank account for primary expenses and is busy planning her campaign.

People wonder if Hillary Rodham Clinton will be the first female president in the United States? He had lived in the White House before, and was quite familiar with the job, but would the sting of having two members of the Bush family so close be too much for voters to tolerate with the Clinton family? As a new student, Senator Clinton made a very strong impression and had performed very well for the state of New York. Will Hillary be able to maintain this momentum through elections? Besides that, will he get enough support from within his own party to take the victory he really wants?

How well he really can appear as a President is a bigger question, and one that is definitely only time can answer. While being a Senator and President are both important jobs, is this nation ready to open their hearts and minds, to a female President? A country led by a woman can be a big step in women's rights, but it is a big step that the country might not be ready to do. With women attracting more jobs in power each year, women rise to the top of their games, proving that they are as capable and competent as their male counterparts.

Stop and think, while this nation is ready to see a woman running for president, how many names of candidates really come to mind? Very little, for typical Americans. Hillary is a household name, who made a name for herself after going up on a plate to become a very involved First Lady who raised her head high even with her personal life in turmoil. Many Americans understand and appreciate how well he managed to calm down and still set a star for this country. His calm and rational approach has made him highly respected nationally, who will no doubt contribute to his appearance in the future.

Of the women who were previously in the White House, Hillary is truly one of the most remembered. Barbara Bush and Clinton both want to go out to the public, while Mrs. Bush is currently, Laura tends to hide more from the public eye. The number of times Laura came out in public was minimal compared to the two former First Lady who had graced the White House.

If we stop and see, America tends to be a much happier country when the First Lady is actively involved and makes herself famous. Both politically and economically, the presence of a solid First Lady has a very positive impact on American society. Also consider, Hillary is the first First Lady of the United States who has run for public office and been elected. Consider this a great achievement for women in this country, adding to the fact that Mrs. Clinton has succeeded in becoming the first elected female Senator in New York and you have a very busy woman who likes the spotlight.

Should America run scared, or stand tall when the event occurs? Only time can be confirmed, but when faced with the former First Lady who made a political name for herself, that would definitely be a very interesting election.


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