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National Budget

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National Budget

When Senators, members of Congress, and the President gather to start discussing budget issues, many people become worried. One of the biggest concerns is that taxes will rise, and there will still be a deficit. This concern is triggered every year, because when the inflation rate rises, money must come from somewhere to fund all that is needed for the government to function.

But there are those who question how rational the expenditure is. Many departments can use slim, serious, while other departments really need more money. While national defense is very important, many question why schools and education are not given a larger portion of the budget so that proper job training can be managed. This will enable students to graduate with a better understanding of the career world to become more graduate employment opportunities, such as those in the service sector.

Funding a budget is clearly never easy, but with taxes increasing every year, nothing is done to increase minimum wages at the national level. Many citizens are left to emphasize how they can continue to pay their tax bills every year, still have enough money to live, and can take care of their families. The budget crisis that many families face every day is very similar to the duty of politicians in dealing with national budgets, except those at the front who face the toughest decisions and fight in everyday battles.

Every year all department heads gather to bring their budget requests. They came up with the idea of ​​increasing their department and asking for more money. The idea is that other departments can cut some items from their expenses. This is a feasible concept, but the dollar for the government doesn't really do a good job managing money very well. Given that there are so many conflicting interests and political pressures, it is difficult to understand the logic behind the decisions made in relation to the budget.

If a business manages money in the same way as the government does, they will go bankrupt years ago and be forced to go out of business, with the director being sued for the wrong trade. This is directly the result of a lot of wasted spending that goes into the budget every year. NASA, for example, has spent thousands, after thousands of dollars developing a pen that will write in space. The idea of ​​pencils never crossed their minds. The money spent on developing pens that are rarely used can be better spent on training teachers so students receive the education and material they need. Arguably, the idea of ​​funding space exploration when there is a budget deficit is also irrational; Of course this money will be better spent elsewhere until we succeed in withdrawing from the red?

There are many cases and examples of money being wasted in all our public sectors. There are also many examples of departments being forced to take shortcuts and skip tasks, needs and maintenance needed, or return important work until the next budget is announced, because they are not on the budget at a price they can afford. There is always hope that at some point in the near future the United States will succeed in withdrawing from the deficit it has created and recovering to have a surplus budget. It will take time, effort, and lots of belt tightening to get there. However, that will happen at some point. Tiring spending can only last long before stopping, at the point where we can start increasing our surplus for the benefit of our national and local public services, before finally seeing the tax reduction that we desperately need.

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