Law of Sex Offenders All Country

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Law of Sex Offenders All Country

With the increasing number of sex offenders who are also repeat offenders, the federal government decided to enact a law requiring all sexually violated offenders to register with the state where they live. Although this step is controversial, government officials claim that this is an increasingly effective method to avoid re-attacking some of the most serious criminals. Is this a privacy violation that states and politicians have imposed on someone who has served their sentence, or is this a measure of legal control for some of the most dangerous community offenders?

At one time, it was acceptable for the government to track down former criminals; in asking them to register as perpetrators, they basically track criminals. They do nothing but closely monitor their existence, actions, friends, lifestyle, etc. How this happens is quite frightening, while there has been a crime that is in accordance with the punishment, after all our children must be protected. It also comes with a price. Many people see this as an intense invasion of privacy and human rights, and in Europe under the banner of the European Convention on Human Rights, such procedures will almost certainly not be permitted.

From this beginning and requiring all sexual offenders to register with their respective states, it opened the door for criminals for other crimes to be asked to register. After that happened, this allowed the government to start requiring everyone to be registered for one reason or another. Is this something that people are willing to let happen? Should the government have full knowledge and control over where you go, who are your friends and where do you work?

Many feel that the law for sexual offenders is not rigid enough; they called for harsher sentences and harsher sentences for the least of these criminals. This comes from the side of people who want to seek nothing more than revenge. At the same time, if someone commits a crime sent for mental assistance, instead of being imprisoned they don't need to register. Their offenses are recorded differently, and their punishment is much easier.

This can cause serious problems in the case of unregistered people who really need to be registered as perpetrators. The main objective of this program is to protect the interests of children; However, they are the main resources that are worth protecting in society. Even so, how far is too far? Some have suggested embedding perpetrators with a microchip that would allow law enforcement agencies to track perpetrators' movements continuously. Is this something the American public is willing to accept?

With this being discussed, what are these opportunities for other crimes too? What is the point of releasing someone from the justice system if they are so dangerous that they must be tracked? As a woman, or a child how safe do you feel knowing that there are people around you who have been punished for serious crimes against others? What about a man, does this change your opinion? The requirements for registration cause social problems and victimization for those violators, who can be justified, who have shown themselves dangerous. This has an impact on changing the path of justice, given that these people will serve the right sentence for their crimes, and hopefully have developed through the existing rehabilitation system.

How do you think it is handled? There are some people who truly believe that the registration process must be eliminated, that once the time comes, the offenders must be allowed to disappear back into the wood and be free to live their lives without being under public scrutiny. They are people who want to change other laws, which can have a very bad impact on society, especially for our children in future generations.


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