Effects of the Potential Iraq War on General Elections

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Effects of the Potential Iraq War on General Elections

The upcoming elections will make many people wonder how precisely the 'War on Terror' will influence the decisions of our next President. With President Bush's approval ratings declining in recent years, it seems that Americans are ready for change, and want troops who have been abroad for so long to be returned home to their families and loved ones. Many Americans are upset that the length of the conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan has dragged on, and with the death toll increasing, brave soldiers and their families pay the highest sacrifice for something they no longer expect to be part of.

The military began to feel the effects of the war too, with nearly 4,000 troops leaving it alone in 2006, the highest number since World War 2. Many tried to avoid as much war and chaos as possible, which made the country try to determine whether other Republicans in the office would make things more good, or potentially worse for the country. Because some of the problems in Iraq were cleared, more appeared almost every day, causing the troop return date to be delayed even further.

Many Americans are also very angry when their forces are abroad, there is no definite time period for withdrawals, and there is no clear idea when they will go home. There is no predetermined time limit, despite the long military presence in this conflict area. People throughout the country are starting to feel as if this has the potential for nothing more than the game President Bush played, while using the troops as his personal game chip. The deadline for returning troops has been discussed many times, but never materialized into something of value.

Where did this leave the country? With thousands of people killed in Iraq, there are many voices that should be counted in the next election that will be lost, because the fallen soldiers are all overlooked. With Bush's approval ratings in the mid to low 30s, it began to look very bleak for Republicans to manage to find candidates strong enough to run their tickets that could repair the Bush administration's massive 'good will' damage.

It was alleged that the effects of the war would dampen elections, mainly because during the war, the House had moved to the ruling Democratic majority. With this big shift, and Bush's low approval rating, it is clear that people sit and pay attention to everything that is happening throughout the country, the question remains, how deep will this disrupt the election and how hard it will burden the voters mind when they stand at the polls give the final vote.

Many rejoice that Bush cannot run, after seeing the war, and the state of the economy and hopes for far better results from the next election. With the next election, looming on the horizon it will be very interesting to see how everything plays in the political arena and the attitudes and ideas that will be emphasized by the candidates.


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