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Dealing with Global Warming

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Dealing with Global Warming

As we move towards the future, technology is growing rapidly to help solve our problems. These problems range from simple problems, such as improving the quality of paper products to advanced levels such as improving the quality of life and the condition of our planet. Global warming is one topic that many of our politicians decide to sit and talk with, without showing much progress, which is the cause of great frustration for people all over the world.

Too often the politicians involved are too trapped to try to prove their opponents wrong to really improve the situation. This causes further problems, and exacerbates the problem. Every time this topic was revisited it led to heated discussions from members of the party who drove large expensive cars, which consumed gallons of gas, and released large amounts of smog into the air. No one wants to lead, and why should it be? Conservative politics pay their bills.

When the future is extended to new and brighter horizons, there are ways that are developed to try to help prevent the destruction of the planet. These methods range from cleaner and softer chemicals, even to "green" power ideals. Car manufacturers even into swings help improve the planet by producing hybrid vehicles that are easier in the environment, use less gas, oil and other toxic chemicals, and have lower emission levels. All that remains is major Western social change, and widespread recognition of the problems we face to change this situation.

The government is doing great work in helping to encourage producers, by offering tax breaks and other incentives. It's always extraordinary to help reduce emissions for vehicles, and slowly tax incentives expand to allow other companies to get the same discounts and savings to move to cleaner and more energy-efficient methods. Is this a good thing? Should the government really encourage this behavior? Many say yes, it must be encouraged and programs that encourage the use of clean power, and chemicals that are less environmentally friendly should always be valued, especially because the cost of methods and chemicals such as these tends to be more expensive.

Normal taxpayers don't see the benefits of trying to be "green" when looking at their own budgets. Many electricity companies are starting to offer "green blocks" of power that can be purchased, but these blocks are purchased in addition to normal household power consumption, and do not allow discounts on bills the following month in exchange for purchases. Something rather strange here, large producers are driven by tax breaks and incentives to switch to cleaner methods, but millions of households do not.

It seems that a good step to improve global warming is to create a program to help appreciate the small things that can be done easily by households. That would save thousands, if not millions of watts of power every year. This will greatly reduce the amount of power needed to be produced, and allow electricity companies to help clean large areas at once, instead only a few manufacturing areas are no longer used.

While it is a good idea to clean up cities filled with smog, and reduce energy use, so that the resources of the land are not burned continuously in pursuit of energy. There are small things that can be done on a very large scale that will help reduce the amount of damage that occurs in the ozone layer every year, and will greatly slow down the damage caused by the human race to our greatest assets, our planet. . It is not the burden of the government, nor is the burden of the people. We can all make changes, but it takes the collective humanity to make a difference that our planet desperately needs.

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