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Children and Violence

The extent to which widespread violence, how we determine precisely who is responsible for the violence that children see on television and music. What about video games, who takes responsibility for violence and bad things, happens right before the eyes of today's youth. Many politicians are eager to blame the media industry and entertainment. Is that the right place to blame? Maybe parents are people who are to blame.

More parents today than ever worked long hours just to stay financially alive. This alone results in a phenomenal number of children left with television as caregivers in charge of teaching true and false. How can a child learn the difference between right and wrong, when their parents are not found? Where is the responsibility of parents to care for children and the right of the government to be a parent to combine children?

Does the government even have rights for parents of children? Should the government be allowed to determine what is appropriate for all children to watch, or should it be left to parents to decide for themselves? There are television shows, films, music artists, and even books that are banned because the government does not approve them.

Where is the boundary in who controls what children watch? Does this really depend on parents, or is it left to children to decide for themselves? When do parents lose the ability to control what their children watch, and when parents submit to the child's own opinion? While some advances in technology have been extraordinary, there have also been many attempts by the government to control what parents do with their own children, and this is what causes controversy on the basis of civil liberties.

There are several discoveries and developments that can help parents monitor their children; from v-chip to programs that record instant messenger programs.
This development is good for parents who want to monitor their own children, but what about the music industry. Most parents are constantly told that the violence experienced by their children is the fault of the music industry. The mistake was with the singer and producer for releasing music.

Many mistakes are placed everywhere but parents because they take responsibility for their own children and determine what is best for them. With politicians trying to punish some areas of the entertainment industry whenever a national tragedy occurs, it places a big obstacle to the ability of parents to decide for themselves what is acceptable for their child and what is not. Many are allowed to let their children choose from the remaining options, once the government removes bad choices.

Do these sensors, or help raise children? Many seem to consider it leaning towards censorship, a place that should not be opposed by the government. Many other people tend to feel that it must be a high priority of the government to protect everyone from something potentially bad, even without giving people the choice to make their own decisions.

The issue of the extent to which the government must intervene with the way we live our lives is hotly debated, and it works in a circle that is far greater than just the control of our children. Should the government take a step back, and allow people to use their freedom and power for self-regulation, or is there a need for interventions to ensure greater goodness and justice for the welfare of society as a whole? For now, it seems like the most pragmatic approach relates somewhere in the middle, although it would be interesting to see developments in this field over the next few years.


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